Our personalized technology

first identifies, then enhances your cognitive performance through gentle magnetic stimulation- custom tailored to your brain.

$99 Brainwave Recording

  • 10 Minute recording
  • Braincare Review via Zoom
  • Braincare Report

Sonal Sessions


30 Sessions at BPC
+ 2 Brainwave RecordingsĀ 


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40 sessions at BPC
+ 2 Brainwave Recordings


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40 Days at home
+ 2 Brainwave Recordings


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Personalized treatment

MeRT in-clinic therapy

Magnetic eResonance Therapy (or MeRT) is our clinical option with Doctor oversight for those experiencing health conditions beyond the scope of our general wellness parameters.

The intake process for MeRT requires a Doctor scheduled clinical evaluation to see if you may be the right fit for this treatment.