Finding Center with Nick Hardwick

Finding Center with Nick Hardwick

On this episode of Finding Center with Nick Hardwick, former Pro Bowl Center and San Diego Sports Radio Hosts interviews Dr. Erik Won.

In the discussion Nick talks about when he received treatment at Brain Treatment Center in 2019, with some profound results.

"In this episode, I share my story with how I found the center, what I experienced during and subsequent to the treatment. We also get into the importance of baseline testing of cognitive function so we can track how the brain is performing over time, and how it responds before, during, and after stress. I ask questions about how much one’s brain resilience is baked into an individual’s DNA; how much can we affect our “fate” as it relates to brain health; and where we should begin our fight when the battle is over, the contact sport career is ending, or the executive’s cognitive abilities start to decline with age."

Brainwave Recording Session

Brainwave Recording Session

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Currently at our Cardiff location only. 

It starts with our simple, safe, and non-invasive brainwave recording (EEG) that captures a snapshot of your brain’s network behavior. This helps us determine a baseline for your current brain performance and establish your unique target frequency.

With the information derived from your recording a customized Report is developed using a proprietary algorithm-based analysis of your brainwaves. The report reveals your brain health baseline and targeted brain state as well as identifying the factors that are interfering with your brain’s current optimal function.

Once you have done your recording, our Braincare™ specialist contact you to schedule an online review over Zoom to go over your personalized Braincare™ Report at your convenience. 

This product includes:

  • 10-Minute EEG Brainwave Recording
  • Review with Braincare specialist to discuss the results of your recording
  • Personalized Braincare Report